Cary Lewis Long


Cary Lewis Long is a conceptual artist and sculptor based in Los Angeles, California.  He studied philosophy and fine art at UC Berkeley. He was the creator and artist behind the singular and extraordinary Nova Express Cafe. His current projects are devoted to conceptual sculptures and sculptural furniture Moon Lava series.

Portfolio Images:

Ancient Axioms,  mixed media

“Our world is full of ancient thought forms that are replicated sometimes out of tradition and duty. The sculpture is a visualization of especially aggressive neural synapses. Ancient ideas can have a sense of wicked beauty to them. Their nature is manifested with scales and teeth, symbolizing the fear and control manifested in the perpetuation of behavior that may be greatly detrimental to our well-being. It persists through time, intangible yet spreading. Our hope lies in examining and transforming the thought forms that are at the foundation of reality.”  Cary Lewis Long

Moon Lava Series (from Robot Iguana Studio)

Nova Express Cafe (1993-2008), Los Angeles, California

< Nova Express Cafe – Like a blinking pulsing light  / Sculpture by Cary Lewis Long, photographer: Joel Mark>

Cary Lewis Long on the importance of direct experience of relational art: “As a fun and welcoming art space, it was meant to be a place where people would be inspired to experience a heightened sense of their own individuality and of the creative possibilities of life.”

<Image from Nova Express Cafe / E. Pluribus Unum (Out of Many, One) sculpture Cary Lewis Long / photographer: Jack Pedota>