Brummbaer Artist Book Project 2018

Bookcover / JHC

Brummbaer is, like the Greek Phidias, the Italian Giotto, 
the Dutch Rembrandt, one of the first masters of this new art
medium.  He is one of the first Wizard Fabricators of the
cybernetic realities of the 21st century.

-Timothy Leary

Brummbaer was a pioneer, a magi and a visionary artist.   His fractal paintings and prints are a fusion of new digital art and old master painting techniques.  His video art delves into the cyber wilderness, a new frontier of technology and imagination, creating breathtaking visuals, intricate fractal sculptures and stunning electronic architectures. 

The aim of this book is to celebrate this artist and share his art in a book form.   The content once finalized will also be transferred to the web so that the world can know of him and his artistic contributions.