Cary Lewis Long





Cary Lewis Long is a conceptual artist and sculptor based in Los Angeles, California. He was born in Bakersfield, California and studied fine art and philosophy at UC Berkeley. He is the creator and artist behind the singular Nova Express Cafe which was intended to be a direct experience of relational art: ”As a fun and welcoming art space, it was meant to be a place where people would  be inspired to experience a heightened sense of their own individuality and of the creative possibilities of life.”

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"My mission is to reveal art as an experience of consciousness which is the foundational and creative element of reality. By this I mean that art is an open-ended structure capable of shaping consciousness and reality.   I am inspired by expansive and singular visions of artists that contribute to an imaginative and ecstatic reality.  Two of my favorite artists’ works are the conceptual art of Marcel du Champ and the raw creativity of Antonio Gaudi. "  



A huge green dragon looms out of one wall, like something that belongs in a Flash Gordon movie.  "It's a fragment of some alien architecture," Long say.  "I used some leftover garden hose, two screen doors, and  a couple of buckets of plaster.  The building inspectors didn't quite know what to make of it."    Read more Los Angeles Times, A Fantastic Voyage


Cary Long’s Nova Express Cafe takes its name and sub-cultural orientation from the novel by William Burroughs. Decked out with glowing amoeboid tables, intimate black-light vortices and a sculptural astral ogre with gaping floor-to-ceiling jaws, Long's "walk-in sculptuers that sells pizza" was createwd largely from scrap materials.    Read moreLos Angeles Times, A Fantasy Getaway


With its fluorescent lighting, a plaster space creature known as the "giant alien sex machine" and a looming mass of orange lava hanging over the front door, the Nova Express Cafe is probably the closest one can get to outer space short of stepping on a sound stage or blasting off a launch pad.      Read more... Los Angeles Times, A Decor That is Out of This World.