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Dear friends of Irisphere,

Some of you know Irisphere closed its space in Los Angeles at the end of 2017.   While an arts enterprise has its share of formidable challenges, the experience was also filled with excitement and purpose.  The Everchanging Infinite Bliss exhibit of Brummbaer’s new media art was especially gratifying, presenting a focused attention on a very talented artist. We were also delighted to have many musicians grace the space with their gifts.

The Story of Irisphere video was compiled from photos taken in the early years. Some of you may be in the "down the memory lane" slideshow. It is unlisted so you’ll need the address to view or follow the link below.

What's Ahead:  We have moved to California high desert region.  The new location promises more elbow room and inspiring natural beauty. We will begin anew. 

Irisphere's new project is to help sculptor Cary Lewis Long to rebuild Robot Iguana Studio.  You can read the artist profile and the studio rebuild project.

Artist Profile
Artist Biography
Project: Robot Iguana Studio

robot logo.jpg

Irisphere's ongoing work is Brummbaer artist book project.  He was a pioneer, a magi and a visionary artist.  His art and fractal works are a fusion of new digital art and old master painting techniques.  From works in film, print and animation, he contributed in groundbreaking ways to the field of new media art, boldly transforming it with computer and software which he compared to a philosopher's stone and the magic carpet.

Brummbaer biography
Artist book project


The next project concerns Nova Express Café.  I would like to plan a Nova Express Café exhibit called Serving Alien Intelligence for 2020.   Back in 2008 as Nova Express Café was closing, I had commissioned commemorative t-shirts and in the aftermath busy-ness of dismantling Nova Express Cafe, they were boxed up in storage only to come to light during the move.  It’s designed by the artist/cafe owner featuring Cthulhu leaning next to a Nova spaceship emblazoned with Serving Alien Intelligence 1993-2008.  I have photographed and put them on our very first online gallery store. Here’s the link below (purple button).

About Nova Express Cafe:

nova 2020 serving alien intelligence.jpg

WHAT ELSE IS NEW?  In the spirit of a new beginning, I made a new Irisphere website with online gallery store, created a new logo and started a blog called Art Encounters.  You can click on the link below to check out the new blog.

I look forward to continuing the Irisphere mission of presenting the enriching unique visions of contemporary artists. Onwards to a new adventure in the arts!
Jennifer Hyong Un Cho
Irisphere Visual Arts